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Iordanou, Ioanna

Iordanou, Ioanna

Descartes Theme-Group Fellow

Secret Knowledge Transfer in Early Modern Europe

Research Question

What was the impact of secret knowledge transfer on early modern societies and economies?

Project Description

My research explores the complex role of intelligence and espionage in early modern economies and the emergence of proto-modern organisations in the pre-industrial world. In this project, I wish to contribute my expertise in secret knowledge and how it crossed borders in a variety of ways, including clandestine ways, through ciphers and other covert means. How did this type

of knowledge influenced economic, political, and even social a›airs in early modern Europe?

Selected Publications

Iordanou, I. (2016), Pestilence, Poverty and Provision: Re-evaluating the Role of the Popolani in Early Modern Venice, The Economic History Review 69 (3): 801-822.

Iordanou, I. (2016), What News on the Rialto? The Trade of Information and Early Modern Venice’s Centralized Intelligence Organization, Intelligence and National Security, 31(3): 301-326.

Iordanou, I. (2017), ‘The Spy Chiefs of Renaissance Venice: Intelligence Leadership in the Early World’, in Maddrell et al., eds., Spy Chiefs: Intelligence Leaders in the Wider World (Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press) [In Press]

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