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NIAS Iftar & Poetry Night
25 Mar. 2021 -
15:00 - 17:00

Seminar by Saar Slegers

Saar Slegers will discuss her radio project "the disadvantage of the doubt". What is the impact of international sanctions against Iran on organisations in the Netherlands? What dilemmas do companies, universities and citizens face when geopolitics gets personal?

As journalist-in-residence, Saar’s seminar will take a slightly different format – as a radio maker she works with conversations, not with written texts. Therefore, Saar will present 2 topics (see attachment) and you will discuss these in groups. Saar welcomes your general feedback and (reading) suggestions. There is no material to read beforehand, but to get a sense of Saar’s stories, do listen to the audio fragment with English subtitles of “The Man and the Moon” here.


There will be no discussant.


Seminar Thursday

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Discussion Groups

Session 1 Biezen, van Ingrid

Blonk Roland

Makumbi Jennifer

(Slegers Saar)

Downing Laura

Eleveld Anja

Okome Onookome

Valenta Markha

Lavéant Katell

Kasinitz, Philip

Mofidi Sabah

Session 2 Handmaker Jeff

Berg, van den Marguerite

Keblusek Marika

Ciotti Manuela

House Jim

Santillán Oscar

Schatz Andrea

Haas, de Hein

Yacavone Daniel

Dugard Jackie

Sessarego Sandro

Session 3 Vlaming, de Frederiek

Misiedjan Daphina

Braun Lindsay

Verhoeven Imrat

Bjarnegård Elin

Manickam Sandra Khor

De Keere Kobe

Leurs Koen

Besser Stephan

Damen Mario

Willmetts Simon