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Athenaeum Booksellers


Athenaeum Booksellers is one of the largest independent bookstores in the Netherlands. NIAS and Athenaeum Booksellers share a commitment to independence, curiosity and knowledge exchange.

In their shop at the Spui, Amsterdam’s literary square, one can find a large selection of literary titles and books in various other (academic) fields, for instance in classical and modern languages, the humanities and the social sciences. About 40% of their stock is self-imported. They also offer a wide range of foreign and local newspapers and magazines, plus a curated selection of travel guides, books on design, fashion and lifestyle.

NIAS supports independent book shops that provide a safe community, as NIAS does, for those who are curious, open to new ideas and opinions and are committed to sharing knowledge. This has led to our cooperation with Athenaeum Booksellers, located in Amsterdam just walking distance from NIAS. All NIAS Fellows receive a Athenaeum discount card which offers reductions on non-Dutch language academic and literary works. In fact, many of the books written by former fellows as shown on Written at NIAS ) can be ordered via the NIAS website. Moreover, Athenaeum Booksellers will be present at  (public) events that NIAS organizes, with books on the topic in question. We hope many people will enjoy being part of this hub of book lovers and readers.