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Selin Dilli and Mehrdad Alipour Receive Veni Grant

NIAS Fellows Selin Dilli and Mehrdad Alipour are the recipients of a Veni Grant, one of the major individual grants of the Dutch Research Council. The grant of max 280.000 euro is awarded to excellent researchers who have recently obtained their doctorate to further elaborate their own ideas during a period of three years.

Selin Dilli

Historian Dr. Selin Dilli from Utrecht University, currently Instituut Gak Fellow at NIAS, receives the Vici grant for her research project “The Missing Entrepreneurs? The Diversity of Female Entrepreneurship in Europe, 1900-2020″. Female entrepreneurship is not a recent phenomenon. Nevertheless, we still know little about the historical development of female entrepreneurship, let alone about the explanations behind it. This project will collect new comparable time-series data on female business-owners and innovators in Europe since 1900. Based on this evidence, it will demonstrate the factors that explain the change in female entrepreneurship.”

Mehrdad Alipour

Philosopher dr. Mehrdad Alipour, NIAS fellow in 2015/16 and currently at Utrecht University, is awarded the grant for a research project on non-binary gender logic in Islamic laws: “Beyond Binaries: Intersex in Islamic Legal Tradition.” While since the sixteenth century Shiʿi jurists proposed a third gender to categorise intersex individuals, contemporary Islamic discourses employ a binary gender logic. Challenging the binary approach, this legal-hermeneutical study examines the little-understood non-binary conceptions of gender in Shiʿi Islamic law, which remain essential for intersex and transgender Muslims today.

About the Veni Grant

The Veni Grant is part of the Talent Programme by the Dutch Research Council, and is aimed at excellent researchers who have recently obtained their doctorate. A full list of the 167 laureates from all scientific domains can be found here.