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Open: Call for Journalist in Spring 2023

NIAS and the Fonds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten welcome applications for the journalist-in-residence programme, which enables a journalist to work at the institute from February to June 2023.

Spring 2023

Eligible candidates are working on a larger Dutch-language journalistic piece (book, podcast or documentary), which is in an advanced stage.

Journalists at NIAS benefit from being able to work without interruption as well as being part of the academic environment at NIAS, a collaborative learning community with a wide range of disciplines from the humanities and social sciences. They also receive a personal office, daily lunches and a stipend of 2500 euro’s per month.

The programme allows for two journalist-in-residence fellowships. The first position, from September 2022 until January 2023, is fulfilled by Mark Lievisse Adriaanse, who will work on a book on the crisis in democracy.

Previous journalists at NIAS include Jaap Tielbeke (on the politics of climate change), Sarah Venema (on hitchhiking, art and fear) and Anne-Lot Hoek (on the war of independence in Bali) . You can read about their experiences (in Dutch) here. Last year, radio journalist Saar Slegers was awarded a fellowship. Listen to her talk about the fellowship here (in Dutch). Currently, Fleur van der Bij is at NIAS to write a book about creative activism. “You become part of a very inspiring group of people. If the residency ends, this network remains.”