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NIAS-Wesseling series 2

NIAS-Wesseling series

NIAS x the Dutch Review of Books

NIAS is pleased to announce a new collaboration with the Dutch Review of Books.

NIAS-Wesseling series

Starting in the june/july edition, the Dutch Review of Books (Nederlandse Boekengids) publishes the NIAS-Wesseling series. In this series, former fellow Lukas M. Verburgt interviews prominent historians to explore their visions on the role of history in the present. Why and how do they study the past? What kind of historical knowledge are they after? And what makes it relevant? In which ways does it help us understanding the present and imagine alternative futures?

This series of interviews is named after Henk Wesseling (1937-2018), historian and NIAS Director from 1995-2002.

The Dawn of Everything

In the first article Verburgt interviews David Wengrow about his and David Greaber’s publication The Dawn of Everything. A New History of Humanity (Maven 2022). The interview called Something is rotten, in big history can be found online or in the printed edition of the Dutch Review of Books. Please note: this article written and published in Dutch.

For more information about the first interview, please visit the website of the Dutch Review of Books.

About NIAS

The Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study in the Humanities and Social Sciences (NIAS-KNAW) is one of the oldest Advanced Study Institutes in Europe committed to promoting interdisciplinary and curiosity-driven research for established and early career scholars. It is an intellectual haven where scholars, artists, writers, and journalists come together in an interdisciplinary and collaborative environment.