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Peeters, Hagar

Peeters, Hagar


The writer is a single mother

Project Description

What do a writer and a single mother have in common? Are they compatible? What are the consequences of (involuntarily) single motherhood for female writers? What adds intellectual status to the theme?

A book on the crossroad of literature, science and social criticism, based both on scientific research and on my own and my mother’s own experiences as single mothers, as well as on those of others, both described from the inside out and from the outside in. Genre-crossing work, containing both fiction and non-fiction, research and contemplation, history and autobiography. Second part/volume in a series about the theme, in which I tackle the subject from different angles and by means of different genres, containing: a volume of poetry, a novel and a non-fiction work.
‘The writer is inspired by some impuls from outside, a brainwave, an idea that takes root in him. There’s something breeding and during this solitary process, an idea arises, which he develops into a string of thoughts, and finally into a book. All this time – from conception to publication – the writer carries his creation alone. The writer is a single mother.’

Selected Publications

Malva (novel, De Bezige Bij, 2015)
De schrijver is een alleenstaande moeder (poetry, De Bezige Bij, September 2019)
Gerrit de Stotteraar, biografie van een boef (non-fiction, De Bezige Bij, 2016)


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