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Political Parties and the Quality of Democracy

Political Parties and the Quality of Democracy

Year Group 1995/96

Theme group elaborating on central processes of democracy.

During its stay at NIAS the group collected and analysed statistics on the central processes of democracy in 16 OECD countries, including the Netherlands, and wrote half of the major book based on it:
“Organizing Collective Choice: Party Responsiveness and Accountability in Representative Democracy”. Many papers were written at venues throughout Europe and in the Netherlands. In addition individual members completed various other articles and books, notably:

I. Budge, J.E. Keman and others, “The politics of the New Europe” (London 1997);
P.J.M. Pennings and J.E. Lane, eds., “Comparing Party System Change”;
J.E. Keman, P.J.M. Pennings and J. Kleinnijenhuis, “Comparative Methods and Statistics in Political Science”.

We would have been unable to do so much without the base and support of NIAS, Which has been a fantastic venue for doing serious research.