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NIAS Pop-Up Lectures 3

NIAS Pop-Up Lectures

From Gender Quota to 16th-century Facebook

While the lockdown in the Netherlands continued, our Fellows came up with the idea of having a series of Pop-Up Lectures with the quiet streets of Amsterdam as our playground. Six Fellows from the year group 2020/21 present their pop-up lecture, where they tease out the ambiguities of their research, show that it isn't a straightforward process and leave us with something new. All this in five minutes.

Gender Quota's in Politics

NIAS fellow Elin Bjarnegård explores gender quota’s adopted by authoritarian states. Should we consider them as windows of opportunity or as window dressing? In her NIAS project ‘The Gender Politics of Authoritarianism’ Bjarnegård critically investigates why authoritarian states carry out gender reforms.

Elin Bjarnegård is Associate Professor of Political Science at Uppsala University, Sweden. Learn more about her NIAS project here

What is Sex All About?

What is sex all about? Presenting from the Prostitution Information Center (PIC) in Amsterdam’s Red Light District Maxime Rovere takes you on a philosophical journey to explore the human body and sexual desire.

Maxime Rovere is Associate Researcher at the Institut d’Histoire des Représentations et des Idées dans les Modernités, Lyon (France). At NIAS, Rovere researched Spinoza’s milieu, aiming to provide a new approach, based on practical interactions between men, domains, families, experiences, allowing for a whole new interpretation of the Ethics. More about his project.

Digital Intimacy

What can we learn from migrants to cope with the current pandemic? Watch episode 4 ‘Digital Intimacy’ in which we dive into the world of digital intimacy with NIAS fellow Koen Leurs.

Koen Leurs is Assistant Professor of Gender and Postcolonial Studies at Universiteit Utrecht. More about his project.

Why Facebook Was Invented in the XVIth Century

What do Facebook, Venetian Courtisanes and Amsterdam have to do with each other? Find out in this NIAS Pop-Up Lecture with fellow Marika Keblusek diving into the world of the 16th-century album amicorum, also known as friendship album.

Marika Keblusek is Assistant Professor of Art History at Leiden University. At NIAS Keblusek explores the world of paper as she works on a project that rethinks Early Modern Alba Amicorum as Collective Networks. More about Marika’s research project.

A World of Patterns

Did your know that ‘pattern’ is the keyword of our time? In his NIAS Pop-Up Lecture, Stephan Besser sheds light on the wonderful world and poetics of patterns.

Stephan Besser is Assistant Professor of Literary Studies and Modern Dutch Literature at the University of Amsterdam. At NIAS, Besser dives into the world of patterns and asks himself the questions: How can we explain the fascination with patterns in the arts and human sciences in the early 21st century? What are the key elements and effects of the current discourse of patterns in these fields? More about Stephan Besser’s research project.

Screening Out

What barriers do people with illness and disability face when they want to immigrate to Canada permanently? In the NIAS Pop-Up Lecture ‘Screening Out’ fellow Laura Bisaillon critically investigates Canadian immigration law.

Laura Bisaillon is Assistant Professor of Health and Society at the University of Toronto Scarborough, Canada. More info about her research project at NIAS.