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Journalist in residence

Journalist-in-residence Fellowship Awarded to Marijn Kruk

Marijn Kruk has been selected for the Journalist-in-Residence fellowship 2020. He will be working on a book on the rise and impact of national populism. In February, Marijn Kruk will start his fellowship, which is co-sponsored by the Fonds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten.

Marijn Kruk

Kruk will spend five months at the institute to transform earlier research into a book on national populism in Europe. Combining the analytical mind of a researcher with the curiosity of a journalist, Kruk is in a unique position to better understand the current popularity of nationalpopulist movements and how this relates to the actual crisis of liberalism. He did extensive reporting in countries such as England, Austria, France, Hungary and Italy. The fellowship will result in a forthcoming book published by Prometheus.

Marijn Kruk has degrees in history from Utrecht University and in political philosophy from the Ecole des hautes études et sciences sociales in Paris and currently writes for De Groene Amsterdammer, a leading Dutch weekly.

Journalist-in-residence Fellowship Awarded to Marijn Kruk

About the Fellowship

The Journalist-in-Residence Fellowship is for journalists with a keen interest in scholarly research who need an extended period of time to focus on a longer piece of journalistic writing. Previous fellows include Dirk van Delft, Aleid Truijens, Sanne Blauw and Jaap Tielbeke. The programme is a collaboration between NIAS and the Fonds Bijzondere Journalistieke Projecten.

The call for the next journalist-in-residence (2021/22) is open until 27 April 202o. More information about applying can be found here.