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Ipek Azime Celik Rappas, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

Ipek Azime Celik Rappas, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

During her period as NIAS Fellow, Celik worked intensely on her ERC consolidator grant application, WALLS2BRIDGES.

Ipek Celik is Associate Professor of Media and Visual Arts at Koç University, Turkey.

During her period as NIAS Fellow Prof. Celik worked intensely on her ERC consolidator grant application, WALLS2BRIDGES. The project aims to collect and analyze a broad range of media productions—paintings, photographs, letters, penal press, films made in prison workshops, and illicitly made Tiktok and Youtube videos—by people in prison to explore what they think and say about justice, resistance, isolation, stigmatization and building connections outside prison, and how they engage with media to represent and empower themselves. Developing a trans-historical, collaborative and comparative model of media justice, the project aims to examine textual, visual and social media produced in prisons from the mid-1960s—the beginning of the global mass incarceration practices and of wide scale prison revolts—to today in France, Turkey, the UK, and the US.

While visiting NIAS this summer Ipek intends to take the initial steps to start the project by co-authoring an article together with Lora Sariaslan, art historian, curator and a recent PhD from the University of Amsterdam. The article and the project aims to examine how people in prison counter their distorted hyper-visibility in mass media and still and moving images, express themselves in embodied and multi-sensory means, and engage with their space, with media, their communities and politics through making and circulating visual art and images.

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