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Henry Spiller, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

Henry Spiller, NIAS Fellows Association Summer Stay

During Prof. Spiller's previous visit to NIAS he worked on the question "What is music-making’s role in responding to modern problems of identity and sustainability?"

Henry Spiller is Professor of Music at the University of California, Davis, USA. He is an ethnomusicologist whose research focuses on Sundanese music and dance from West Java, Indonesia. He is interested particularly in investigating how individuals deploy music and dance in their personal lives to articulate ethnic, gender, and national identities. He has studied Sundanese music and dance for almost five decades, and he has conducted fieldwork in Bandung, West Java, on many occasions.

Speaking about his return to NIAS Prof. Spiller said: “I am thrilled to be back at NIAS as an alumnus in August 2022. NIAS is the perfect base for me to pursue two archival projects: (1) engage with the legacy of the colonial Dutch musicologist, Jaap Kuns, and explore his interactions with Javanese musicians, and (2) mine Dutch mission society archives for information they contain about 19th and 20th century music in Indonesia.”

The forthcoming book of Prof. Spiller Bamboo Murmurs is slated to be published by SOAS Studies in Music (Routledge) by the end of the year (see https://www.routledge.com/Archaic-Instruments-in-Modern-West-Java-Indonesia-Bamboo-Murmurs/Spiller/p/book/9781032299341)

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