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Confluence of Minds

Confluence of Minds

In the confluence of minds
The waters of thought
Run clear, deep, and free


A farewell haiku by Rosalind Brown-Grant (Fellow 2018/19)


NIAS’ alumni community is made up of over 2,000 scholars. Specialising in the sciences, arts and everything in between, much of the research conducted during NIAS fellowships goes on to win awards and push academic boundaries in its respective field and beyond.

Find a comprehensive list of each alumnus’s story, including their background and the details of the research conducted throughout their time at NIAS. As you will see, the alumnus community is a pool of varied, international best-in-field academics. The institute is proud to watch this impressive list grow each year and is honoured to have been a part of so many ground-breaking research projects.


NIAS’ alumni organisation, the NIAS Fellows Association (NFA), promotes the bonds between all those who have been associated with NIAS. If you would like to join, send an email to Niasfellowsassociation.board [at] gmail.com.

NFA Days

The NFA organises an annual alumni day, which includes the General Meeting and the Uhlenbeck Lecture, delivered by one of NIAS’ alumni.

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Alumni Stay

The Alumni Stay is a new activity set up to give former NIAS Fellows and colleagues an opportunity to live and work at NIAS for a three-week period in the summer.

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