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Venema, Sarah Eline

Venema, Sarah


Brides on tour

What happens when you enter the car of a stranger? Following the story of two Italian artists set out on a hitchhiking journey across Europe.

Project Description

In March 2008 two Italian artists set out on a journey across Europe. They wore white wedding dresses and waved their thumbs at passing cars along the highways. It was an art performance. Pippa Bacca and Silvia Moro wanted to hitchhike from Milan to Jerusalem to convey a message of peace. Getting into the cars of strangers was placing trust in them, they said to surprised journalists, and they wanted to show that when you trust someone, you only get good things in return. They performed in countries that had been touched by recent wars and met with local women and artists. In Istanbul they decided to separate and soon after Pippa Bacca disappeared. Her body was found in a forest East of Istanbul. The young artist had been raped and murdered by a man that had seen her hitchhike and had given her a ride.
How dangerous is it to get into a car with a stranger? Pippa Bacca’s four sisters believe her death was an accident that could have happened anywhere and continue to hitchhike. They still believe in her message of trust.
In this book I want to explore why we became so scared of the strangers behind the wheels, and if it could be worthwhile taking the risk of getting into their cars.