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Tielbeke, Jaap

Tielbeke, Jaap


Een beter milieu begint niet bij jezelf (Green consumerism will not save the planet) - working title

Research Question

We know we are disrupting our climate, we have known this for quite some time and still, we don’t seem to be able to change course. What is holding us back?

Project Description

To find an answer to this question we must, I believe, look at the politics of climate change. The story of global warming is less about greenhouse gasses or melting ice caps, and all the more about power and ideology. Yet, this aspect is often overlooked in the public debate. Politicians try to persuade consumers to make green life style choices, while Big Oil can continue drilling. Techno-optimist are counting on innovative solutions, even if this means gambling with the lives of future generations.

This book aims to dissect and debunk these counterproductive narratives. We are not all equally responsible for this crisis and we will not solve it by focussing on individual responsibility or leaving it to clever engineers. To prevent a complete disruption of our planetary systems, we need structural changes in the way we have organized our society and economy. In the second halve of the book, I will report on initiatives that try to bring about such structural changes, whether it is through action in the court room, in parliament or in the streets.

Selected Publications

‘Hoe rijker, hoe viezer’ (Who is really to blame for the climate crisis?)

‘Big Oil in de beklaagdenbank’ (The case against Big Oil, about the fossil fuel companies being sued.)

‘Ja, de strijd verhardt’ (About Extinction Rebellion and the growing willingness within the climate movement to use civil disobedience)

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