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Steffens, Joscha

Steffens, Joscha



Project Description

During the NIAS residency I would like to intensify my research in the field of In-Game perspective and the identity of gamers within their online community. I‘d like to especially focus on newly rising religious structures and their missionaries within this community by employing a strictly actor-centered point of view. Following their in-game conduct can offer insights into the linkage of in-game content and the religious disposition of the gaming scene. On one hand this means a continuation of my observations of the vastly growing (war-)gaming world and it’s protagonists as in previous projects in which I pictured the players in the analogue holdover of what we used to call reality (Teen Spirit Island, Filia Athenae). On the other I am diving deep into the moments and the actual space where the new religious high is happening: into the online world; into the virtual endlessness of one’s and zero’s.

Selected Publications


Joscha Steffens
Artist Publication
With an Essay of Florian Arnold: Vom Kampfgeist der Fotografie
KHM Publishing, 2014
ISBN: 978-3-942154-31-4

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