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The Great Recession in the Netherlands
7 Nov. - 17 Nov. 2017
13:00 - 15:00
Conference Room, Jorishof

The Great Recession in the Netherlands

Public symposium

Bas Jacobs, Professor of Economics and Public Finance at Erasmus University Rotterdam, will discuss the reasons behind the Netherland's extremely weak economic performance during the recession (2008 - 2015).

About the Seminar

Over a period of 10 years the Netherlands went through a deep double-dip recession, which effectively lasted seven years. Only in 2015 the Netherlands reached the level of production in 2008. The recovery from Great Recession took longer than after the Great Depression. So why was the economic performance of the Netherlands so bad? What macro-economic policies were conducted and what effects did they have? In his lecture, Bas Jacobs will argue that the Dutch government failed to understand the causes of the Great Recession, both in the Netherlands and in the Eurozone, and adopted the wrong policies as a result. Now that the economy is recovering, it is important to document the false narratives of current policy makers and politicians in the hope that future generations do not repeat the mistakes of the Great Recession.