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A. Štulhofer

Štulhofer, A.

Aleksandar Štulhofer, born in Zagreb, Croatia, in 1962. Ph.D. from the University of Zagreb. Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Zagreb.

I arrived in Wassenaar with two aims: first, to work on current models of sexual risk-taking behavior in adolescence, and secondly, to gather detailed information on comprehensive school-based programmes of sex education in the Netherlands. The first goal was accomplished during March, thanks mostly to the NIAS library service and extremely reluctant spring. The second task took up most of April, leading to discussions with more than a dozen Dutch researchers and practitioners who guided me through the history of sex-education in the Netherlands, current school-based programmes, and evaluation research. The information and collected materials, as well as the established contacts, will be of great importance for my future efforts to introduce (for the first time ever) school-based sex-education in Croatia. Concerning my output, I have finished most of the planned statistical analyses of adolescent risk-taking sexual behavior in Croatia (data was collected in December 1998) and an outline of a part of a book on adolescent sexuality, to be finished in the fall of 1999. In addition, I wrote a paper entitled “Hypnerotomachia Poliae: Sexual Styles of Urban Women”, which was a core of a presentation I gave at NISSO (Netherlands Institute for Social Sexological Research).