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Former Fellowships 2
14 Nov. 2019 -
15:00 - 17:00
Conference Room
By invitation

The Changing Landscape of Elderly Care

NIAS Seminar

Hanne Marlene Dahl, Professor on Care, Governance and Gender at Roskilde University, will hold a seminar on elderly care.

Currently, we witness a changing landscape of elderly care with neo-liberalism, new forms of governance, transformed gender relations and migration. Existing theorization cannot grasp this caring landscape and I will therefore develop a scientific vocabulary answering the question: How can we develop concepts like ‘assemblage’, ‘relatedness’, ‘silence’ and ‘strangers’ so they become useful in feminist research on elderly care?

About NIAS Seminars

NIAS Seminars are aimed to stimulate scientific cross-pollination within the NIAS academic community. Attendance is by invitation only.