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Discipline: Sociology

Philip S Gorski

Michèle Lamont

Frank Dobbin

Wike Been

Verena Seibel

Winifred Poster

Peter Achterberg

Mariangela Veikou

Lieselotte Blommaert

Aaron Z. Pitluck

Ana Dević

Michael Maes

Endre Sik

Boccagni, Paolo

What does the experience of forced migrants reveal for the study and experience of home at large? How can a “homing” lens enrich phenomenological research on home beyond migration and...

Kampen, Thomas

How does the Covid-19 crisis impact the meaning of labor market inclusion of people with occupational disabilities?

Martínez-Ariño, Julia

How do apostates in contemporary Spain and Argentina narrate their experiences of formally leaving the Catholic Church? Which cultural and political meanings do they attach to the apostasy proces...

Rath, Jan

How does cultural consumption impact middle-class lifestyles and identities, and — in more general terms — how does this affect the sense of place and the right to the city?

Malešević, Siniša

This project aims to answer the question: Why do humans fight? The focus is on the micro-sociology of violent action with the spotlight on the processes that make fighting and killing possible. ...

De Haas, Hein

What are the key research insights on patterns, causes and consequences of international migration for societies of origin and destination, and what questions and dilemmas for public debate does ...

Kasinitz, Philip

I am examining the roles that popular culture plays in debates about racial and ethnic diversity in three cities: Amsterdam, Berlin and New York. The research will consist of three distinct but i...