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Language and conceptualisation in healthcare provision
22 Apr. - 23 Apr. 2024
Korte Spinhuissteeg

Language and Conceptualisation in Healthcare Provision

Expert workshop

The provision of health care is one of the global concerns of the 21st century. Language-related challenges, ranging from problems of language impairment to linguistic and cultural barriers, are among the most significant challenges faced by patients and healthcare providers in medical encounters.

Taboos, stigmas and stereotypes have also developed around the perception of some diseases. Such conceptualisations have counterproductive effects on the provision of health care. As a result, language users sometimes resort to metaphors or euphemisms to soften the horrific nature of the diseases. However, these linguistic constructions do not change the reality.

Despite the efforts that have been made to improve the provision of health care, especially in developing countries, the results are still modest.

How can linguistics contribute to improving health care? This workshop engages NIAS fellows and other researchers in Europe and Africa working in the field of language and health to share their recent research, brainstorm new research questions and explore theoretical paradigms in the field of language and health.

The workshop will take the form of oral presentations followed by discussions. Download the programme.

Contact person

Lozzi Martial Meutem Kamtchueng

NIAS Fellow, Year Group 2023-2024

Email: lozzimartial.meutem@nias.knaw.nl

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