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An Experiment in Citizen Data
5 Apr. 2018 -
11:00 - 12:30
St Jorishof, Korte Spinhuissteeg 3
Conference Room
Free entrance

An Experiment in Citizen Data

NIAS Seminar

Evelyn Ruppert discusses possible models of ‘citizen data’ that approach official statistics as collective accomplishments and matters of democratic debate and deliberation where citizens are active in the making of knowledge about societies of which they are a part.

About the Seminar

Ruppert focuses on the ways in which statistics make sense of society, new paradigms of rethinking citizen data and broadening the notion of ethics. Evelyn’s object of study revolves around how governments and statistics are changing in relation to new digital technology and big data, as well as the way this relation affects the bridge between citizens and their governments.

About NIAS Seminar

NIAS Seminars are aimed to stimulate scientific cross-pollination within the NIAS academic community, but seminars are open to others who are interested. Please  if you wish to attend.