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City Regeneration Through Film 2
23 Nov. 2021 -
16:00 - 17:30

Footage in the Ruins: City Regeneration through Film


This NIAS Talk explores the relationship between film and city regeneration. How do the cinema and TV industry affect the spatial value of European cities?

About the programme

How do screen productions, ranging from music videos shot in a decrepit former factory in London to an amateur film made in a war-torn Syrian town, generate value in struggling locations? Using an interdisciplinary approach, this NIAS talk explores the ways in which cinema and TV production extract value from these urban locations and consequences for the people living here.

From blockbusters to independent documentaries, many screen productions look for deserted, authentic, cheap locations to shoot their film. Devalued spaces like neighborhoods in decay and old factories – although often dangerous – fit these criteria perfectly and location professionals frequently propose them for film productions. Yet shooting film and TV series in ruined urban locations often causes a re-evaluation process of those spaces, leading, in some cases, to speculation and redevelopment. For example, the cities of Belfast where Game of Thrones was shot and Istanbul, where TV series are produced on a daily basis have seen huge changes due to screen productions. How and where do making of film, TV and urban decay coincide? Who does this have an effect on and are there also positive changes to these developments?


About the speakers

Ipek Celik Rappas is Associate Professor of Media and Visual Arts at Koç University, Turkey and NIAS fellow from september – january 2022. She is fascinated by the world behind cameras. During this talk Rappas will explore how the production process of film and TV has impact on people living in these locations.

Naluwembe Binaisa is an anthropologist and Honorary Research Fellow at University College London. In her work, Binaisa explores how photography can help us understand about the intersections of self-representation, identity and power, refuge and belonging.

Asma Mehan is an educator, urban researcher and architect. Asma has studied, taught, researched and practiced architecture in Europe, Asia and Australia.​ Asma’s main research and teaching interests include architecture and urbanism, critical urban studies, urban planning, housing, and Heritage Studies. 

Fenneke Wekker (moderator) is Head of Academic Affairs at NIAS. Wekker is political sociologist and writer. Her main interests lie in issues of home and belonging, inclusion and exclusion, and urban ethnography.

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