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5 Dec. 2019 -
15:00 - 16:00
Conference Room
By invitation

Absence Of All Guilt

NIAS Seminar

Artist-in-residence Robert Glas will elaborate on his artistic research into crime, algorithms, determinism and free will.

Increasingly statistical models are being used for risk assessment of (re)offence throughout multiple branches of the judiciary system. With the advance of artificial intelligence driven models and aggregated crime statistics, the behaviour of individuals in relation to both personal history and ‘virtual communities’ of similar offenders can be assessed with increasing precision. The logical, albeit strictly theoretical, conclusion of this technological advance is a model that could produce predictions with absolute certainty. Such a model for risk assessment can only exist in an deterministic universe. A judge on the other hand can only account guilt to an individual by postulating indeterminism and free will. Following this line of reasoning, a model that predicts criminal behaviour perfectly leaves less space for the philosophical foundations upon which the present model of the rule of law is based. As a result, we will face a new reality in court. I will use my time at NIAS to write a screenplay for a short film which explores this new reality.

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