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Discipline: Art

Elena Rabkina

Kayode Ogunfolabi

Dora Longo Bahia

Inge Meijer

Micha Hamel

Santillán, Oscar

What conceptual and technological interfaces can enable the encounter of biological, artificial, and indigenous notions of intelligence?

Glas, Robert

Increasingly statistical models are being used for risk assessment of (re)offence throughout multiple branches of the judiciary system. With the advance of artificial intelligence driven models a...

Steffens, Joscha

During the NIAS residency I would like to intensify my research in the field of In-Game perspective and the identity of gamers within their online community. I‘d like to especially focus on new...

Almadhoun, Ghayath

“I am working on my fifth book of poetry in Arabic. Digging inside the exile to find the roots of my dream. A Palestinian without a homeland, find himself again forced to be away from the P...

Gómez López, Ana María

My project centers on self-experimentation, a long-standing tradition where physicians and other scientists test remedies, treatments, and prototypes on themselves. This form of single-subject re...

Ru, Masha

Research Question What is the theoretical background of the phenomenon of geophagy, the act of eating soil and soil-like substance, such as clay and chalk? Is engagement with the earth through ea...

Hoogerwerf, Arnold

What are the effects of Niko Tinbergen’s concept of the super normal stimulus on human behaviour in general, and more specifically, what are the implications of this kind of scientific knowledge on art, art theory and art education? 

Shirhan, Urok

Personalia Urok Shirhan, born in Baghdad, Iraq, in 1984. M.A. in Visual Cultures from Goldsmiths, University of London. Artist / Researcher. Artist-in-Residence (1 Feb – 30 June 2017) Xenophone...

Rosseel, Jan

Personalia Jan Rosseel, born in Ukkel, Belgium, in 1979. BA Design from the Koninklijke Academie van Beeldende Kunsten, The Hague. Photographer/ Visual Storyteller. Artist-in-Residence (1 Septemb...