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Forensic Expertise and the Law of Evidence in Europe

Year Group 1994/95

International research group on expert evidence in Dutch and European criminal cases.

About the topic

During our stay at NIAS the foundation was laid for a book on expert evidence in Dutch criminal cases. We were able to make very useful contacts with legal participants in the three (Dutch) cases we were analyzing and with a number of (non-legal) forensic experts. The first public activity of the NIAS nucleus will be a symposium in July 1995.

Intellectually seen, we aim to publish a sort of successor to the book Dubieuze zaken (translated as Anchored narratives) by Crombag, Van Koppen and Wagenaar. The main difference is that we form a multinational group of legally trained scholars who analyse cases from a comparative legal perspective, whereas Crombag c.s. are Dutch psychologists who analyse cases from a interdisciplinary perspective.