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Writer-in-Residence Jamal Mahjoub on his Childhood Days in Khartoum

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Jamal Mahjoub, writer-in-residence in 2014/15, has written an essay on his youth in Sudan's capital, the beguiling and contradictory nature of the Nimeiri era (1969-1985), and how the country's past keeps bubbling up like the dirty water from the ground that floods the streets. 

“So much has happened in this country’s history and yet we can’t seem to get over it and move on. It refuses to go away. Instead it keeps coming back, challenging us, asking us to try and understand what it is we haven’t yet grasped.”  

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About Jamal Mahjoub

Jamal Mahjoub (1960) is an award winning writer of mixed British/Sudanese heritage. He was writer in residence in Wassenaar from 1 February 2015 – 30 June 2015, upon invitation of the Dutch Foundation for Literature and NIAS. During his residency Mahjoub worked on a non-fiction book about the history of Sudan, a Sebaldian mix of memory, reflection and philosophy.

Jamal Mahjoub 
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