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Van Doorn Lecture by Mark Bovens online

The first Van Doorn Lecture was held by Professor Mark Bovens on the 21 June 2012. In his lecture,  Bovens discussed the impact of differences in levels of education on the rise of new political, cultural and social cleavages.

The Van Doorn Lecture is held annually as part of the Van Doorn Chair and Van Doorn Fellowship, that have been initiated by Erasmus University Rotterdam and NIAS to honour the career of Jacques van Doorn (1925–2008;), one of the most renowned and influential sociologists in the Netherlands.


About Mark Bovens

Mark Bovens is Professor of Public Administration and Research Director at the Utrecht University School of Governance. In 2012 he was appointed the Prof.dr. J.J.A. van Doorn Chair at the Erasmus University Rotterdam, and the Van Doorn Fellowship at NIAS. In April he held a NIAS seminar on educational cleavages.