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Translator-in-Residence Holierhoek presents book to French Ambassador

On 10 november 2010, Jeanne Holierhoek, Translator-in-Residence at NIAS, will present the first two volumes of eight in the series Descartes in Nederland [Descartes in the Netherlands] at Maison Descartes in Amsterdam.

The two volumes are:

Part 1: Regels om richting te geven aan het verstand & ander vroeg werk [Rules to guide the mind & other early works]

Part 2: De wereld – de mens [The world – Man]

Together with Rudolf Rasch and Corinna Vermeulen, Holierhoek is working on the translation of almost the complete philosophical and scientific works of Descartes, and  part of the correspondence, into Dutch. A lot of the work has never been translated before.

The first edition of the first volume will be handed over to Jean-François Blarel, the French Ambassador in the Netherlands.

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