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Seminar on Urban Complexity

A new science of cities is emerging. Computational scientist Peter Sloot will share some of the new insights from computational sociology in a seminar on urban complexity on 22 May. 

About the Seminar

Cities are considered to be truly complex systems; the intricate interplay between the social and physical structures results in endless patterns of self-organization and adaptation, both being fundamental characteristics of such systems. Recent insights in allometric scaling by West and Bettencourt are tell-tales of a new science of cities build on this notion of complexity.

In his presentation, Peter Sloot will summarize those results and argue that the driving force behind this complexity is the concept of Networks. He will then show some preliminary results the NIAS theme group recently obtained by developing computational models that can absorb information on all scales to simulate the dynamics of urban crime and transmittable diseases in dense urban systems.

About the Speakers

Peter Sloot is Professor of Computational Science at the University of Amsterdam and coordinator of the research theme group “Understanding Information Spreading in Social Networks”, composed of Peter Sloot, George Kampis, Alexander Boukhanovsky and Janus Holyst.

More on this Topic

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