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Seminar - Creative Writing

On Thursday, 24 November 2011, Christiaan Weijts, Writer-in-Residence 2011/12, will lead an interactive seminar about ideas and experiences in dealing with writing.

Since all the NIAS-fellows are dealing with writing (articles, books, presentations), it can be useful to share our ideas and experiences on this topic. Writer-in-Residence Christiaan Weijts will lead this seminar/workshop, in which there will be attention to issues like: the construction of texts, the importance of style, use of metaphors, rhetoric tricks… and other aspects of writing that fellows would like to discuss or learn more about.

To illustrate the topics it would be nice to link them directly to the fellows experiences. Therefore participants are welcome to send in in advance an example of their own work and/or point out one ‘problem’ that emerged to them in the process of writing. For example: I always find it hard to decide what is a good opening line (/paragraph) for an article (/chapter/book). Or: What is the most effective order for arguments in a persuasive text?

Please send these kind of requests to: Christiaan Weijts