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Seminar - Can Backpacks Really Talk and is George Bush just like Dracula? Judging Realism in Media Content

How do we judge what’s real and what’s fiction in media content? In a Seminar on 12 April, media scholars Marie-Louise Mares and Elly Konijn will discuss how we learn to make sense of our media content.

About the Seminar

How do we judge what’s real and what’s fiction in media content?  How does realism enter into it? How do we learn to sort out what’s useful information about the world around us? Marie-Louise Mares and Elly Konijn examine how children, adolescents, and adults (learn to) make such judgments and how they relate to the value we place on information from media fare.


About the Speakers

Marie-Louise Mares is a NIAS Fellow for 2012/13, and Professor Elly A. Konijn is the Fenna Diemer-Lindeboom chair of Media Psychology in the Dept. of Communication Science at the VU University  Amsterdam.


About NIAS Seminars

NIAS Seminars are organised by the Rector of the Institute. They are meant to appeal to interested parties from a wide range of backgrounds and are aimed to encourage closer contact within the Dutch academic world.

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