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Seminar - A Common Effort

On Thursday 11 November the Theme Group “Terrorists on Trial. The Court Room as a Stage in the Struggle for Publicity, Public Support and Legitimacy” will present its project as part of the NIAS Seminar series. Various members of the group will discuss their starting points, approaches and objectives.

The seminar will include an explanation of the Group’s definition of terrorism, the use of court cases as the research subject; the advantages of using the concept of performativity in analysing what takes place in courts; the rationale behind the choice of case-studies; and the research objectives. By giving this presentation, the Theme Group hopes to explain both its activities as well as engender a discussion on all aspects of its project. The Group believes that court cases are crucial events in the way that the conflict between terrorists and states is played out, and it hopes to make clear that its approach will provide a better understanding of this struggle.