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Sabah Mofidi

Sabah Mofidi Selected for Scholars at Risk Fellowship

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Sabah Mofidi has been selected for a Scholar at Risk Fellowship at NIAS, 2019-2020. His research will concern the political function of religion in nationalistic confrontations, with a focus on Kurdistan and Iran.

Dr. Sabah Mofidi

Dr. Sabah Mofidi‘s academic work on the political function of religion, with a focus on Kurdistan and Iran is important and timely. His profile fits very well within the interdisciplinary environment of NIAS, which offers a free and safe have for intellectual thought.

We do believe Dr. Mofidi’s work will be a great contribution to the NIAS Community and, in return, a fellowship at NIAS can offer him a solid ground to continue working on his academic publications and pursue his scholarly career.

About the Fellowship

The Scholars at Risk (SAR) Fellowship offers scholars who suffer grave threats to life, liberty and well-being in their own countries, a safe location and conducive academic environment to carry out their research. This collaboration between NIAS and the Foundation for Refugee Students UAF forms part of the international Scholars at Risk programme.