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Research Group 2012/13

The list of scholars to join the NIAS international academic community is almost complete. So far, NIAS has selected 55 Fellows to come to its campus in the coming academic year. More detailed information about the Fellows, and their research projects, will follow in August.


List of Participants Research Group 2012/13


Theme Group “European Elections, Political Cynicism, and the Media”

Adam, S.C., University of Bern (Political Communication)
Boomgaarden, H.G., University of Amsterdam (Communication Science)
Brug, W. van der, University of Amsterdam (Political Science)
Franklin, M.N., European University Institute, Fiesole (Political Science)
Kritzinger, S., University of Vienna (Political Science)
Maier, J., University of Koblenz-Landau (Political Communication)
Maier, M., University of Koblenz-Landau (Political Communication)
Markowski, R., Polish Academy of Sciences / Warsaw School of Social Sciences and Humanities (Comparative Politics)
Vreese, C.H.de, University of Amsterdam (Communication Science)

Theme Group “Dutch Atlantic Connections”

Ben-Ur, A., University of Massachusetts, Amherst (Jewish History)
Davids, C.A., VU University Amsterdam (Economic and Social History)
Games, A.F., Georgetown University, Washington D.C. (History)
Heijer, H.J. den, Leiden University (Maritime History)
Klooster, W.W., Clark University, Worcester, MA (History of the Atlantic World)
Oostindie, G.J., Royal Netherlands Institute of Southeast Asian and Caribbean Studies, Leiden (History of the Caribbean)
Schmidt, B., University of Washington, Seattle (Early Modern History)

Theme Group “Terrorscapes”

Laarse, R. van der, University of Amsterdam (Heritage Studies)
Mazzucchelli, F., University of Bologna (Semiotics of Culture)
Pelt, R.J. van, University of Waterloo, ON (History of the Holocaust)
Reijnen, C.W.C., University of Amsterdam (Eastern European Studies)
Till, K.E., National University of Ireland, Maynooth (Cultural Geography)
Verbeeck, G.J.M., Maastricht University (Contemporary History)

Distinguished Lorentz Fellow

Barendregt, H.P., Radboud University Nijmegen (Foundations of Mathematics and Computer Science)

KB Fellow

Cook, H., Brown University, Providence (History of Medicine)

Jacques van Doorn Fellow

To be announced

EURIAS Senior Fellow

Wakeman, R., Fordham University, New York (History / Urban Studies)

EURIAS Junior Fellow

Mojahedi, M.M., Mofid University, Qom (Political Science)
Trémon, A.C., Université de Lausanne (Social Anthropology)
Zabka, M., Comenius University, Bratislava (Music Theory)

Mellon Fellow

Verdes, C.O., University of Bucharest (Literature)

Guest of the Rector

Bod, L., University of Amsterdam (Computational Humanities)
Demszky, G., Budapest (Political Science)


Berrebi, S., University of Amsterdam (History and Theory of Art)
Dietze, C., Justus Liebig University Giessen (History of Terrorism)
Erdmann, R.G., University of Arizona, Tucson (Materials Science)
Gelderblom, O.C., Utrecht University (Economic History)
Jasper, J.M., City University of New York (Sociology)
Jones, T.S.W., Curtin University, Perth (Indonesian Studies)
Jonker, J.P.B., Utrecht University (Financial History)
Kreike, E.H.P.M., Princeton University (Environmental Science)
Maaten, L.J.P. van der, Delft University of Technology (Computer Science)
Molendijk, A.L., University of Groningen (History of Christianity)
Monteiro, M.E., Radboud University Nijmegen (Religious and Cultural History)
Reydams, L.H., University of Notre Dame (Political Science / Law)
Röttger, K.E., University of Amsterdam (Theatre & Performance Studies)
Smits, I.B., Leiden University (Cultural Studies)
Stark, D., Columbia University, New York (Economic Sociology)
Verstraete, G.E.E., VU University Amsterdam (Cultural and Media Studies)
Werfhorst, H.G. van de, University of Amsterdam (Sociology)


Joris. L. (Amsterdam) Non-fiction
Behrens, P. (Brooklin, Maine) Fiction / Non-fiction


Hoeven, R. van der (De Groene Amsterdammer) Contemporary History


Golüke, G.L.P.P. (Amsterdam) English/Dutch

Visiting Grant Scholar

Fono, L.A., University of Douala, CM (Fuzzy Decision Making)