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Photographs by Artist-in-Residence Jan Rosseel on display in The Hague

News Snippet

Jan Rosseel, the very first artist-in-residence at NIAS, explores the 1977 Dutch train hostage crisis through photographs at the Photo Exhibition DocuDenHaag.

For his exhibition, Jan Rosseel delved into the archives to reconstruct the crisis at De Punt in 1977, when nine armed Dutch-Moluccans hijacked a train to bring attention to the Dutch government’s lack of support for an independent Moluccan state. The hostage lasted some twenty days and two hostages and six hijackers were killed. In his photographs, Jan Rosseel explores this dramatic event and the role of memory.

Image from A short history of unfortunate events, Chapter IV, by Jan Rosseel

About DocuDenHaag

DocuDenHaag was set up by het Nutshuis to encourage photographers to immerse themselves in engaging, in-depth projects. This year’s edition of DocuDenHaag features work by Jan Rosseel, Ursula Jernberg and Verena Blok. All three photographers set about exploring their personal fascination, and consequently spent months caught up in their chosen subject.

The exhibition is running from 4 September to 16 October 2015 (Monday to Saturday 11.00 – 16.00 hours). Admission is free.


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