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Open Access: A Blessing or a Burden?

NIAS will discuss the blessings and threats of Open Access in a Discussion Seminar on 13 November.

About the Discussion Seminar

Open Access is one of those buzz words, embraced by universities, policy makers and community of researchers alike. The number of scientific open access journals is growing spectacularly with over a thousand new journals appearing every year. Moreover, following recent initiatives such as the Open Science for the 21st Century Declaration and the Open-Science Movement Open Access seems to have become firmly established as the way forward for knowledge dissemination and sharing data.

Nevertheless, important questions remain.  Whose responsibility is it to ensure that publicly funded research is freely accessible? What are the risks facing us in an Open Access Academia? And which practical problems do we run into? Where do we find the money, the time, the expertise?

On Tuesday, 13 November 2012, NIAS will hold a discussion seminar addressing these issues. After short introductions by Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer and Roberta D’Alesandro, there will be an open debate on the possibilities and problems of future (online) knowledge dissemination, which includes a discussion of the following propositions:

1) Open Access Journals will never have the status of high impact journals and this damages the careers of young researchers
2) It is my university’s responsibility to pay for and facilitate publishing in Open Access
3) I am paid by society so all my data should be available to all

The discussion seminar provides an opportunity to exchange views with your colleagues as well as to share personal experiences and acquire practical knowledge of alternative ways of sharing and publishing your research. 


15.30       Saskia Woutersen-Windhouwer, Specialist Electronic Publishing & Repository Manager at the University of Amsterdam, will introduce publishing in Open Access, and discuss its possibilities and problems.
15.45    Roberta D’Alessandro, Professor of Italian Linguistics at LUCL Leiden and member of the Young Academy (KNAW), will share some of her practical experiences with data storage and Open Access.
16.00       Discussion, led by Aafke Hulk.
17.30       Refreshments and more information on display in the Library. 

The Discussion Seminar is intended for Fellows, but guests are welcome to attend. Please contact Communication@nias.knaw.nl for registration.