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On the military actions in Ukraine 1

On the Military Actions in Ukraine

NIAS provides an intellectual safe-haven for researchers, artists, writers, and journalists, allowing them to pursue curiousity-driven research. In line with the statements by our parent organisation the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), and that of its fellow academies in All European Academies (ALLEA) – we stand with Ukraine.

We remain committed to providing a space where individuals can work without interruption or hindrance and are free to challenge boundaries, explore detours, deviate from the status quo and to approach intellectual confrontation head on.

Fellows at NIAS

As part of the EU sanctions in response to the Ukraine crisis, NIAS does not accept applicants (whatever their nationality) affiliated to a Russian or Belarusian university or research institute. Applicants with a Russian or Belarusian nationality who are affiliated to a research institution not part of Russia or Belarus, may apply. NIAS’ sanctions are foremost targeted towards institutions, not people.

NIAS is making every effort to expand our scholars-at-risk programme so NIAS can host extra scholars from Ukraine.