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NIAS Seminar Programme

NIAS is pleased to announce the programme for the seminars this fall.

About NIAS Seminars

NIAS Seminars are aimed to stimulate scientific cross-pollination within the NIAS academic community, but seminars are open to others who are interested. Please  if you wish to attend.

They take place in the Conference Room (third floor), Korte Spinhuissteeg 3 and start at 11.30.




Thu 27 Oct, 11.30

Neoplatonists on the educational function of myth and history” by Bert van den Berg

Thu 3 Nov, 11.30

“The beauty (?) of mathematical proofs” by Catarina Dutilh Novaes

Thu 10 Nov, 11.30

“The Pen and the Sword. The Fechtbücher corpus as a new source to the study of European cultural history” by Karin Verelst

Thu 17 Nov, 11.30

“Universe or Multi-Verses” by Ahmed Farag Ali

Thu 24 Nov, 10.30 (!)

“Imagining Consciousness”, an interdisciplinary workshop on imaging consciousness with introductions by Sarah Durston, Hanneke Grootenboer, Bert-Jaap Koops and Karin Verelst.

Thu 1 Dec, 11.30

“Body motion has an impact. Simple motion cues from politicians’ body movements affect people’s impressions” by Markus Koppensteiner

Thu 8 Dec, 11.30

“Representing the Camorra as a Global Criminal Actor: A multimodal critical discourse analysis” by Giuditta Caliendo

Thu 15 Dec, 11.30

“Nation-States, Citizenship, and Human Rights” by Nadia Latif

Thu 12 Jan, 11.30

Mining an uncharted continent. Popular conceptions of Europe in twentieth-century Dutch newspapers” by Joris van Eijnatten

Thu 19 Jan, 11.30

Thu 26 Jan, 11.30

Seminar by Paul Kirschner