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Micha Hamel is the New NIAS and Society of Arts Artist-in-Residence 1

NIAS podcast: Room to explore anti-Semitism and Islamophobia

At NIAS excellent researchers find the time and space to freely pursue their curiosity and ask new questions. The NIAS podcast series Room to Explore aims to share their insights, demonstrating how direct and wide the relevance and impact of research-based interventions can be.

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How can we address the very real rise of anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Europe against the backdrop of the Israel-Hamas war? How can we avoid entrenched positions that frame the Israel-Hamas war as a war between Jews and Palestinians?

NIAS-fellows Aysenur Korkmaz and Jessica Feldman discuss the dangers of discursively conflating Jews with the state of Israel and Palestinians (and pro-Palestinian voices) with Hamas and consider how to more productively define, recognize, and protect against anti-Semitism (acts or speech against “Jews as Jews”) and Islamophobia in the current climate. This podcast was recorded at the NIAS library on the 22 January 2024.