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NIAS Fellows Augusteijn and Pekelder give seminar

On 5 November 2010, Joost Augusteijn and Jacco Pekelder will give one of the seminars in the Utrecht Seminar Political History series. Both fellows are part of the 2010 Theme Group “Terrorists on Trial. The Court Room as a Stage in the Struggle for Publicity, Public Support and Legitimacy”.

The seminar is entitled “Terrorists on Trial” and will discuss the judicial, political and social perceptions of terrorism, and the way they have changed over time. Terrorism tends to be highly politicised in public discourse. Court decisions in terrorist trials also reverberate in society. Terrorist trials have an impact on terrorists and their sympathisers and can shape or break public support for government measures against terrorism. Central to the discussion will be how these wider processes and impacts of terrorism can be studied as a theme in political history.

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