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NIAS Fellow Eveline Crone at Science Gala

News Snippet

Eveline Crone, Professor of Neurocognitive Developmental Psychology and currently a fellow at NIAS, will perform at the “Amsterdam Gala of Science” on 25 November. She will hold a short lecture on the city theatre’s stage, discussing the most recent developments in her field.  

About Eveline Crone

Eveline Crone is Professor of Neurocognitive Developmental Psychology at Leiden University, where she leads the Brain and Development laboratory. Her most recent research centers around questions related to the development of cognitive control and decision-making in school-aged children and adolescents. She is the author of the best-selling book “The Adolescent Brain” (in Dutch). Crone is currently at NIAS as Guest of the Rector, working on a deeper understanding of how brain development underlies changes in affective and social development in adolescence.

Eveline Crone has recently presented her research on the adolescent brain on the (Dutch) popular-scientific television programme NTR Academie, aired in September. It can be viewed online.


As part of the science gala programme, Eveline Crone (centre) was interviewed by Folia, the University of Amsterdam’s magazine, who shot a short video at NIAS’s doorsteps.