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NIAS Book Nominated for Dutch Libris History Award 2011

The Libris History Award 2011 will be awarded for the best historical book of 2011 during the award ceremony Nacht van de Geschiedenis (Night of History) on 22 October.

Emiel Lamberts, Guest of the Rector in 2007/08 is one of the five nominees on the shorlist. The nomination is for his book Het gevecht met Leviathan (The fight with Leviathan).

The Award selects historical books that appeal to a broad public. The criteria are that the book has an original subject, reads well and is based on substantial historical research. The Award consists of a cheque for € 20,000. The Libris History Award is initiated by the Historisch Nieuwsblad (Historical Journal), Libris, the Nationaal Historisch Museum (the Dutch National History Museum), the public broadcaster NTR, the newspaper de Volkskrant and the television broadcaster VPRO.