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NIAS awarded SURFfoundation grant to produce enhanced version of Berber-French dictionary

NIAS has been awarded a SURFfoundation grant to produce a so-called ‘Enhanced Publication’ in collaboration with DANS. NIAS is proud to announce this grant as we feel this is a prime example of NIAS’s mission to provide excellent researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences with an inspiring creative environment and the facilities necessary to produce high quality and innovative research outcomes.

In 2011, Professor Harry Stroomer, currently NIAS Fellow and Professor of Afroasiatic Languages of Arabia and Ethiopia at Leiden University, will build an internet prototype of an ‘enhanced’ version of selected parts of Professor Stroomer’s Tashelhiyt Berber-French dictionary, the first of its kind. The enhanced publication, which will augment the yet to be published traditional dictionary, should prove to be an invaluable source of online information to members of the Berber community.

With the grant NIAS is offered an opportunity to gain experience in producing research results through an enhanced publication. This is a publication that has been enhanced with additional material. The supplementary material may consist, for example, of research data, illustrative images, metadata sets, or post-publication data such as comments or rankings (click here for more information about enhanced publications).

The Tashelhiyt Berber dictionary project is one of the six granted projects that aim to produce an enhanced publication in 2011.

Follow the proceedings of the NIAS Enhanced Publication Project.