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NFA Day, Uhlenbeck Lecture and NIAS Book Café

On Thursday 9 June the annual NFA Day will be held at NIAS. As always this year’s alumni day promises to be entertaining and we are counting on a good turnout of former NIAS Fellows. The highlight of the day will be the Uhlenbeck Lecture. NIAS and the NFA Board take great pleasure in announcing that Johan Heilbron, member of the Centre Européen de Sociologie et de Science Politique de la Sorbonne (CESSP) in Paris, NIAS Fellow 2009/10, will deliver the 29th Uhlenbeck Lecture, entitled:“But What About the European Union of Scholars?”


Among the existing analyses of European integration, there is a noticeable dearth of research by scholars into their own modes of association. That is not because the subject is unworthy of attention. Aside from a single market and a political union, European institution building has unmistakably extended into the domain of scholarship and science as well. This emerging field of transnational research is often depicted as the continuation of a European tradition of higher learning, exemplified by medieval universities and early modern academies. But the time-honoured European heritage also includes the counter-force of rival nation states and distinctly national academic systems. How, against this ambiguous historical background, has the current process of European integration affected the world of scholars? What patterns of exchange and collaboration have emerged? And how do these relate to developments in other parts of the world?

As we will also celebrate the 40th anniversary of NIAS the NFA Board wishes to mark this occasion and offer a present to the Institute. A new activity will be the “Book Café” which will take place at the end of the afternoon.

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Programme NFA Day, 9 June 2011

Arrival of NFA Members

General Meeting of the NFA


Uhlenbeck Lecture:
Johan Heilbron, (NIAS Fellow 2009/10) will deliver the 29th Uhlenbeck Lecture entitled “But What About the European Union of Scholars?”

Jubilee Ceremony:
The NFA will offer a present to the NIAS Rector to mark the 40th anniversary of NIAS.

Book Café
Presentation of ‘NIAS books’ by former fellows and books by current fellows related to their NIAS projects.

Followed by Reception and Buffet dinner