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Contested Classics: Between the Netherlands and Indonesia – Colonialism or Imperialism? 3

New Fellowship: Moving objects, Mobilising Culture in the Context of (De)colonization.

NIAS,  NIOD and KITLV collaborate in a new fellowship funded by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. It is intended for researchers from formerly colonised countries with an interest in collections or objects from those countries or regions that are kept in the Netherlands. 

Recently, museums have been returning objects that ended up unjustly in the Netherlands during the colonial period, for example through looting or coercion. Think of the ‘Lombok Treasure’ (Indonesia) and the Kandy Cannon (Sri Lanka). There are more collections in the Netherlands from former colonies. Are you interested in researching these collections and the stories they have to tell us?

The Fellowship Moving objects, Mobilising Culture enables researchers and heritage practitioners from formerly colonised countries to access and conduct research on objects – whether defined as cultural, historical, ancestral, art or otherwise – which are currently in the Netherlands

The fellows are encouraged to conduct research in depots, archives and collections of the museums that are affiliated to the Colonial Collections Consortium (Wereldmuseum, Rijksmuseum, Museum Bronbeek and the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands), and beyond.

The call for this fellowship is now open. The deadline for submitting a proposal is 15 March 2023. More information about the fellowship, eligibility and applying can be found here.