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LNVH Symposium: Women in Science - Reflecting on Progress

Women in Science

NIAS strongly supports the drive towards equal representation of women within the academic community. NIAS hosts this year's Fall Symposium of the Dutch Network of Women Professors. 

Guest of the Rector professor Curt Rice will be keynote speaker. Professor Rice is President Research and Development at the University of Tromsø (Norway) and author of the book 6 Steps to Gender Equality (December 2012).

End goal of the Symposium: tools for progress in one’s personal academic career, tools for helping others getting there. All this in order to reach the ultimate goal: a proportionate representation of women within the university community.

For: Postdocs, assistant/associate and full professors (M/F) from Dutch universities and university medical centres. Policy makers and policy advisors in the field of Women & Science (in the broad sense).

Keywords: mentoring&success, private coaching sessions, national and international best practices on gender balance in academia, influence from empowerment, networking lunch, tenure tracks, Distinguished Women Scientists Fund, musical and theatrical moments of reflection.

Coaching: Solving problems or addressing issues is one way to speed things up and move forward in your career. A full conference room not always the ideal place to do this in. That is why the coaches and experts present will offer free coaching and/or consultant sessions during the day.


10h00 – 10h30
Registration and reception with tea & coffee
10h30 – 10h45
Word of welcome by Catholijn Jonker, chair of the board of LNVH and Paul Emmelkamp, Rector of NIAS Presentation of some recent figures on women in science in the Netherlands by Marinel Gerritsen, member of the board of LNVH
10h45 – 11h15
Keynote speech “Implicit bias: the key to career differences between men and women” by professor Curt Rice, Vice President Research and Development at the University of Tromsø (Norway), fellow at NIAS and author of the book 6 Steps to Gender Equality (Dec.2012).
Round 1 – Best Practices Roundtable – Mentoring for success Recommendations for quality improvement of mentoring Moderator: Juditha Melssen, independent trainer/coach/consultant Roundtable: Universiteit Utrecht, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, TU/eindhoven (TBC)
Networking lunch
Round 2 – Interactive lecture – Secrets of influence How to be more effective in the academic arena
Speaker: Linda van der Wal, coach/trainer/actress at trainingenadvies.com
Round 3 – Talk of the day – Leading by example The effectiveness of policy measures for gender equality (Case studies: Tilburg University and TU Delft)
Speaker: Marloes van Engen, assistant professor Human Resource Studies and HRM advisor on Gender Policy at Tilburg University
Coffee and tea break
Presentation of the Evaluation Report on Tenure Track Policy within Dutch universities (Study performed by the Technische Universiteit Eindhoven on request of the LNVH)
Piet van Gool, researcher and lecturer in Human Performance Management at University of Technology Eindhoven
Award ceremony Distinguished Women Scientists Fund
Four young women scientists will receive the DWSF-award for outstanding research
Conclusions and wrap up
Theatre group ‘Draad’ will provide us with musical and theatrical intermezzi throughout the day to summarize and visualize the discussions, debate and speeches. Transportation to and from the venue will be provided. Schedule of the private coaching sessions follows after registration. For registration:www.LNVH.nl