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Liza Mugge Organizes Public Debate on Diversity in Politics

News Snippet

Political scientist Liza Mügge, currently at NIAS, is presenting her research on thirty years of diversity in the Dutch Parliament during a public debate on 8 March. Together with political scientists Daphne van der Pas and Jean Tillie, and former politician Tofik Dibi, she will explore the trajectories that politicians with a migration background, particularly women, follow during their political career. 

* Read more about the debate (Dutch only)

The event takes place on 8 March, 17.00, at Spui25, the academic-cultural centre located on Spui, Amsterdam’s literary square. 

About Liza Mügge

Liza Mügge is Assistant Professor of Political Science at University of Amsterdam and Director of the Amsterdam Research Center for Gender and Sexuality (ARC-GS). As a NIAS Fellow, she is working on the book “Representing Diversity? Nebahat Albayrak, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Other Minorities in Dutch Parliament, 1986-2012”. She recently edited an special issue of Politics and wrote the blog post “Mix it Up, Be Messy, both on political representation and intersectionality.