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Launching the World Pandemic Research Network

Launching the World Pandemic Research Network

With the Covid-19 pandemic changing the world as we know it, a lot of research initiatives have been generated to study its impact across all socio-economic systems. To consolidate all the initiatives and institutes working around this topic Paris IAS has launched the World Pandemic Research Network (WPRN).

WPRN is a non-profit academic resource that enables researchers, stakeholders and citizens to be aware of what research initiatives are taken. There is no dependence, no legal nor economic binding. Each participant remains completely independent for action and publication.

WPRN also includes research calls, announcements to webinars, and more generally all elements that be useful to research on the impact of Covid-19. It is supported by over 100 academic institutions in more than 60 countries and will become the global directory of research on the socio-economic impact of Covid-19.

NIAS encourages all organisations and individual researchers to register your project to foster collaboration and dissemination of knowledge.