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Jannah Loontjens is writer-in-residence

News Snippet

Jannah Loontjens - Dutch novelist, poet, essayist and philosopher - is NIAS's writer-in-residence for this semester. She recently published her third novel "Misschien wel niet".

“The only thing I have to do, is write”

Dutch writer Jannah Loontjens has recently published her third novel “Misschien wel niet“. She was interviewed by national newspaper NRC Handelsblad, on the very first day of her time as this semester’s writer-in-residence. 

“This is my first day at NIAS in Wassenaar,” Loontjens says. “Such a luxury – my own office in a beautiful mansion near the sea. At midday a voice through the intercom announces that the warm lunch is ready to be served. The only thing I have to do is write. I can’t wait to begin.” 

Read the full interview “Misschien is alles eigenlijk wel een oefening” (in Dutch, by Jannetje Koelewijn). 

About Jannah Loontjens

Jannah Loontjens is writer, poet and holds a Ph.D. in philosophy. At NIAS, she will be writing a book in which she will explore Heidegger’s works from a autobiographical perspective. 

About the writer-in-residence programme

The Writer-in-Residence programme is a joint venture between NIAS and the Dutch Foundation for Literature (‘Nederlands Letterenfonds’) in Amsterdam, intended for fiction and non-fiction writers who would benefit from an extended period in an international community of scholars. Former writers-in-residence include Marcel Möring, Peter Behrens, Lieve Joris, David Mitchell, and David van Reybrouck.